Driveshaft Builds & Balancing in Melbourne

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Do you have a 4×4 vehicle?

If so, then you know how important it is to keep your drive shaft in perfect condition. Driveshafts are what connect the engine of your car to the wheels and allow them to rotate at different speeds while still moving forward. When they break or get out of alignment, it can be extremely dangerous for both yourself and others on the road around you. Instead of waiting until something happens before taking care of this issue, let us upgrade your driveshaft today!

Our technicians will take a look at your current driveshaft and determine if any upgrades need to be made. We’ll also inspect all other parts that make up your drive train systems such as U-joints, centre bearings and yokes. Once we’re done with our inspection we’ll give you an estimate on any repairs needed which will include labour costs as well as parts fees (if applicable). After receiving payment from you we’ll get started right away! You won’t find better service anywhere else in town – trust us when we say that our customers love coming back time after time because they know they’ll always receive top-notch service from us every single visit!

Call us now to speak to a driveshaft specialist in Melbourne and learn more about upgrading your 4×4’s driveshaft!

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